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Dear readers,

My first name is Lee. I am 40 years old from Singapore, an Edupreneur. Are you wondering since I am a successful career man and why I need to find a Vietnamese wife.

I have seen through many things in life and I know the important of finding a SUITABLE Wife. Finding a SUITABLE Wife can give you A NEW and BETTER Life. However, if you find a WRONG Wife, your Life will be forever MISERABLE.

You might fall in love with a girl but doesn't mean she is suitable for you. You might think she is suitable at that moment just because you are simply blinded by LOVE. You are using Emotion thinking to choose a 'Suitable' Wife - you are gambling your whole life (including your asset)! That is why there are so many divorces nowadays, especially in Singapore. 

Suitable at THAT moment (Got Chemistry mah!) but Unsuitable at THIS moment (No Chemistry Leow!).

Therefore, I joined a MatchMaking Tour in Vietnam to search for my true love. By doing so, I will not have the kind of feeling that I have for Singapore Girl(s). Without such feeling, I can use my Logical and NOT Emotion thinking to find the Right Wife. Logical thinking is SAFER, as it can give you a Long-Lasting Marriage, just like our Parents and Grandparents.

By joining a matchmaking tour (a 'traditional' way to find a Suitable Wife), you will not have the 'Chemistry' Problem that might lead to divorce. The reason is very simple, you are using RESPECT to love your wife and NOT just CHEMISTRY. Get it?

You might have some of the following questions in your mind. They are ...

1) Are Vietnamese girls beautiful?

    Look at my Wedding pictures below or you can view the photos of our Vietnamese Girls in this website.

2) Is it only Old, Ugly and 'UNWANTED' man finds wife in Vietnam?

     'Yes' only in Singapore but not in other countries. I am a Singaporean too but ...

     I am YOUNG and have many female friends as well.

     I am a REAL Proof. 
     My wife's sisters' husbands are also young and handsome.
     LOL (Laugh Out Loud)!

3) Are the girls ... Virgin?

     Almost all. You can confirm by sending them for medical check-up.

     They won't get angry unlike Singaporean girls - 'If you asked, you will be slapped.'

NOTE: Only Village Vietnamese Girls are recommended to you because we know that Village Girls are 'CLEANER' than City Girls.

Anymore questions blogging in your mind?

Call me to fix an appointment, for a Non-Obligation discussion at anywhere for a cup of coffee. While we are drinking, feel free to ask me to find out more.

NOTE: Your Identity will be kept STRICTLY Confidential.

Thanks and regards,

Mr Lee.


Why I Choose Vietnamese Girl over Singaporean Girl?


I prefer Vietnamese Village Girls over Singaporean City Girls because ...

1) Singaporean City Girls 'roar' but Vietnamese Village Girls 'meow'.  

2) Singaporean City Girls don't feel shameful for losing virgin before marriage while Vietnamese Village Girls feel very shameful.

3) Singaporean City Girls think very highly on themselves but Vietnamese Village Girls are humble.  

4) Singaporean City Girls are materialistic but Vietnamese Village Girls are not.  

5) Singaporean City Girls' 'maintenance fee' is extremely high while Vietnamese Village Girls'  'maintenance fee' is extremely low.  

6) Singaporean City Girls' turn a Man into Woman after marriage while Vietnamese Village Girls' turn a Man into a Better Man.  

7) Singaporean City Girls are 'polluted' and 'corrupted' while Vietnamese Village Girls' are pure and innocent.  

8) Money and Career are very important to Singaporean City Girls while Home and Family are very important to Vietnamese Village Girls,  and many more. 


Why a Virgin Wife is so IMPORTANT?


A virgin wife is very important, especially in a Modern country with High Divorce Rate. Why?

1)   If a wife's virgin is given to other guys but not her husband, do you think she will treasure you, since she don't treasure her own precious 'thing' - virgin?

2)   If a wife's virgin has been given to other guy(s), is she cheaper than a prostitute?

Note: Prostitute at least has collected money for sex while she has done it for FREE. So who is cheaper?

3)   She might said she has done it for the sake of Love and not for FREE, what does that mean?  She can have sex with anyone who she loved. That's pretty dangerous! Can you see the danger?

4)   If she has no ability to protect herself from losing her virgin, will she has the ability to protect her family  OR if she has no self-controlled before marriage, can she have self-controlled after marriage?  Your common sense can tell you!

5)   Since she can been so 'OPENED to other guys before marriage, can she be so CONSERVATIVE after marriage? (Can a tiger turn into a herbivore after being a carnivore for 5 years?)

6)   You can't say you won't mind if a girl who you want to marry is a virgin or not, unless you enjoy eating leftover food or human waste (the remaining food that your body DON'T WANT!).

7)   If you marry a non-virgin girl to be your wife and she gave birth to a daughter.You have to worry everyday because she will unleash her mother's gene, by having sex during her early school times.   You will be surprised by your daughter by showing her stomach to you, telling you ...    Congratulation, you are going to be grandfather soon!

8)   If you marry a girl who has sex with other guy(s), will she transmit HIV or any other sex diseases to you?

9)   A girl who can lose her virgin to other guys, is considered to have betrayed herself, her parents and her future husband. Will she betray again after marriage? 

Note: She has the habit of betraying already so Be careful!

10) You might say if you truly love someone, you should not mind whether she is a virgin or not.   Do you think it is worth to truly love a girl who will never truly love you, since she has betrayed herself,  her parents and her future husband?  and many more ...

A Virgin Wife can hardly find in the 1st World Country like Singapore BUT A Virgin Wife can be found only in the 3rd World Country - Vietnam (Vietnam has been influenced by our Chinese Traditional Culture over thousands of year).


For a Non-Obligation discussion, Call Mr Lee at (+84) 908 245 521