Vietnam Dating & Matchmaking Tours


Our Vietnam DATING & MATCHMAKING Tour Cost-Saving Packages :

Package A:  "I just want to have a Vietnamese girlfriend, NOT wife yet!"

Package A: JUST Matchmaking/Dating Tour (Without Marriage in Vietnam) for $500!  That’s for my basic expenses:  2-ways transportation, 3 days hotel stay, my daily basic meals & other expenses incurred in bringing your date. Other expenses include taxi to bring us to and back from the village ($100 to $150 for 200 km) and dating meal ($20).  

If only you want me to help you to settle your marriage in Vietnam, then you need to pay $1200 for the agent's fee, and $3000 for marriage ceremony in Vietnam.  Otherwise, it will be $500 only!


Package B:  "I want to marry a Vietnamese girl once I found the one I loved!"

Package B: Matchmaking/Dating Tour CUM Happy Success MARRIAGE in Vietnam @  $1200 (Agent's Fee) + $3000 (Marriage Ceremony in Vietnam)

Please be noted that ... 
1) you need to pay for your own air-tickets.
2) you need to furnish a non-refundable deposit (50% of the indicated Package B rate) to confirm your trip.
3) if you do not find your love at your first trip, you can tag along for any available trip I have.
4) if you do not want to tag along, you need to pay additional of $300 per trip, just to bring you again.


The $3000 include :

1. Wedding Jewelry - Wedding Ring, Jade Bangle, Necklace, Earrings.

2. Wedding Catering Services & Vietnamese Wedding Banquets. 

3. Professional Video & Photography.

4. Bridal Make-up Artists.

5. Bridal Boutique & Wedding Car Service.

6. Registration of Marriage in Vietnam.

7. Romantic Honeymoon in Phu Quoc - The Green Island 3 Days / 2 Nights.

Other Wedding Packages are available for different budget.

1. $5000 Wedding Packages.

2. $7000 Wedding Packages.

3. $10,000 Wedding Packages.